A Portrait of Christ

Incomparable Christ

Hebrews 1: 1-3

Jesus is the Great PROPHET – v. 1-2a

  • The Son of God is JESUS CHRIST – or Jesus Messiah
  • In these last days God has revealed Himself through His SON – Jesus Christ

Jesus is the Great CREATOR – v. 2b-3a

  • All of God, the entirety of His NATURE & CHARACTER, is in all of Jesus
  • Jesus is responsible for CREATING all of creation

Jesus is the Great PRIEST – v. 3b

Jesus is the Great KING – v. 3b

  • Jesus fully and completely ACCOMPLISHED the task the Father sent Him to accomplish
  • God has given Christ the highest HONOR, the most power and complete POWER over redemption and creation
  • Rev. 19: 16 – Jesus is KING OF KINGSLORD OF LORDS