Christ Died

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The Gospel

1 Corinthians 15: 1-4

Christ DIED

  • The BIBLE gives us crystal clear proof that Jesus died
  • HISTORY give us crystal clear proof that Jesus died

But why did Christ die?

  • For our SINS

Why was death necessary?

  • Throughout Scripture death, both physical and spiritual, is seen as divine judgment on human DISOBEDIENCE
  • The CONSEQUENCES of sin and death

Why was Jesus’ Death Necessary?

  • Jesus was and remains perfect – He was SINLESS
  • Only a perfect, sinless, human could die to SATISFY the justice of God against the sin of the humanity
  • Jesus SUBSTITUTED Himself in our place, dying the death we deserve to die
  • Jesus satisfied the JUSTICE of God against our sin and having done so his death gives us the opportunity to know God in a relationship, know FORGIVENESS of sin and enjoy ETERNAL life.

According to the SCRIPTURES

  • The cross of Jesus Christ was the DIVINE plan of God to redeem and RECONCILE sinful man back to Himself



Matt Wethington