Dead Man Walking

Journey with Jesus

Dead Man Walking

Mark 10: 32-34

Jesus Again predicts His DEATH

  • Jesus is seen leading the way, resolutely pressing toward His goal and life PURPOSE
  • Jesus was DETERMINED to go to Jerusalem to fulfill the purpose of His humanity
  • Jesus would give His life as the final and ultimate sacrifice; fully and completely SATISFYING the wrath and justice of God against our sin and rebellion

Jesus announces His death with 6 details:

  • The Son of Man would be HANDED OVER or delivered
  • The Son of Man would suffer REJECTION by Israel
  • The Son of Man would suffer INJUSTICE
  • The Son of Man would suffer RIDICULE
  • The Son of Man would suffer significant bodily INJURY
  • The Son of man would be CRUCIFIED

His death provides for us the means for FORGIVENESS of sin and RESCUE from the penalty of sin.

His victorious resurrection guarantees ETERNAL LIFE to all who follow Him in faith; surrendered to His will and purpose.