Depending on God's Grace in the Race of Faith

We are issued a challenge:

  • Pursue peace with everyone
  • Pursue holiness before God

Looking Back at the Example of Esau – v. 15-17

  • Esau was in love with the things of the world, he had no interest in the things of God.
  • The grace of god never fails but we can fail to act on God’s grace.

Looking Up at the Glory of the Heavenly City – v. 18-24

  • When the days are long and difficult, we should look up and think on the glories of heaven and consider out eternal home.

Looking Ahead at God’s Unshakable Kingdom – v. 25-29

  • Nothing can stop God’s kingdom from triumphing over the kingdoms of this world. God’s kingdom and His children will prevail. God’s kingdom is an unshakable kingdom.


We are saved by God’s grace, we are kept by God’s grace and we are empowered by God’s grace.



Matt Wethington