Entering God's Rest

Incomparable Christ

Hebrews 4: 1-11

The MEANING of Rest

  • The presence of PEACE
  • The presence of SECURITY
  • The presence of CONFIDENCE
  • The presence of DEPENDABILITY

The Way to ENTER Rest

  • The promise to enter God’s rest REMAINS
  • The ‘good news’ is and has ALWAYS been good news
  • 4 things we need to see
    • Simply hearing the good news is INSUFFICIENT for salvation
    • The only appropriate response to the good news is FAITH
    • Faith is more that intellectually understanding the good news – it is TRUSTING the good news
    • SALVATION has always been through faith

The NATURE of Rest

  • It is FUTURE

The URGENCY of Rest

  • God WANTS us to enter His rest
  • Will you place your faith in Christ TODAY?
  • Say yes to Jesus, SURRENDER in faith to Christ today.