Faith in Practice

Incomparable Christ

Hebrews 11: 4-7

WORSHIP of Faith – v. 4

  • The Brothers OFFERING
    • Abel BELIEVED God and chose God’s path; Cain REJECTED God’s path and chose his own
  • The Brothers TESTIMONIES
    • The philosophy behind Cain’s testimony was that salvation has to be EARNED
    • The philosophy behind Abel’s testimony was that salvation was based on God’s GRACE

WALK of Faith – v. 5-6

  • PLEASING faith – v. 5
    • If we pattern our life after CHRIST ours will be well pleasing to God also
  • REWARDING faith – v. 6
    • God will reward a life lived with an ETERNAL perspective

WORK of Faith – v. 7

    • If we are going to work for God, we must first hear from God.
    • The ark foreshadowed the finished WORK of Jesus Christ

God is calling you — COME just as you are, no more waiting, no more delays, simply come to Jesus in FAITH


Matt Wethington