From Nobody to Somebody to Nobody to Somebody

Incomparable Christ

Hebrews 11: 23-29

Parent’s INFLUENCE – v. 23

  • A child’s faith in God or rejection of God begins in the HOME
  • God has given us, as parents, the RESPONSIBILITY of raising our children and training them up in the ways of
  • Children will MODEL the behavior and lifestyle they witness at HOME

CROSSROADS of Life – v. 24-27

    • Moses made a conscious decision to FOLLOW God and not the world
    • Moses realized that everything being the grandson of Pharaoh offered him was eternally INSIGNIFICANT
    • Moses understood that loving and living for God offered far GREATER rewards than living for this life

The FAITHFUL Journey – v. 28-29

  • Moses kept the PASSOVER
    • When we cover the doorposts of our HEARTS with the blood of Christ God will pass over us – He will EXCLUDE us from His judgment of life and death
  • Moses trusted in the PERSON of God and he believed the PROMISES of God

Moses’ life exemplified a FAITH, not in himself or his surroundings, but in GOD and God alone



Matt Wethington