God Disciplines Those Who Belong to Him

Incomparable Christ

Hebrews 12: 3-13

The ENCOURAGEMENT of God’s Discipline – v. 3-6

  • God’s discipline REFINES us, it purifies us, it molds us and SHAPES us into the men and women God created us to be
  • God’s discipline draws us CLOSER to Him
  • God’s discipline draws us AWAY from sin

The EXPECTATION of God’s Discipline – v. 7-8

  • God’s discipline gives EVIDENCE that we are a child of God
  • God’s lack of discipline gives evidence that we are NOT a child of God

The EXAMPLE of God’s Discipline – v. 9-10

  • EARTHLY parents discipline their children for the same reason God disciplines his children – because we love them and want them to grow into the men/women they were created to be
  • God always discipline us for our GOOD, in the right manner, at the right time to draw us CLOSER to Him

The EXPERIENCE of God’s Discipline – v. 11-13

  • Understand that God’s discipline sets things RIGHT
  • Understand that God’s discipline STRENGTHENS our faith
  • Understand that God’s discipline helps keep us on the NARROW path where life and godliness are found as opposed to the BROAD road where death and destruction are found



Matt Wethington