It is Well with My Soul

7 Signs of Jesus in the Gospel of John

John 6: 16-21

Matthew 14:22-32

Five principles to Thrive in the Storms of Life

  1. He BROUGHT me here… v. 16-17; Matthew 14: 22
    • The disciples were in the CENTER of God’s will
    • Our security is not in our circumstances or situation.  It is in the WILL of God.
    • The Bible teaches us that there are two kinds of storms; storms of CORRECTION  and storms of PERFECTION
  2. He is PRAYING for me… v. 17b; Matthew 14: 23
    • Jesus is forever PETITIONING God the Father on our behalf.
  3. He will COME to me… v.17b-19; Matthew 14:24-25
    • We can stand firm knowing that Jesus ALWAYS comes to His children in the storms of life.
    • Fear and faith cannot COEXIST
    • When we walk in fear we cannot experience the DYNAMIC life of faith that God desires for us.
  4. He will help me GROW  …v.20; Matthew 14: 27-31
    • Jesus wants all of us to get out of the boat and walk on water – to live a RADICAL faith for Him and His glory
    • Peter began to sink because he took his eyes off of JESUS and began to focus on the CIRCUMSTANCES that surrounded him.
    • The storms teach us to TRUST Jesus Christ and no one or nothing else.
  5. He will see me THROUGH
    • He CALLED Peter to come to Him and He would LEAD Peter every step of the way
    • Jesus is calling each of us to come to Him and FOLLOW Him