Living By Faith

Incomparable Christ

Hebrews 12: 1-2


  • Because we are SURROUNDED by so great a cloud of witnesses we should be encouraged to move FORWARD in our faith


  • The term used for hindrance means – something that interferes with PROGRESS
  • Anything in our lives that is SIN is a hindrance or weight interfering with our SPIRITUAL growth as a follower of Christ
  • Sin, if not dealt with, is arresting and will take over CONTROL of our lives
  • Through faith in Christ we can find FORGIVENESS of sins and FREEDOM from sins penalty and sins power in our lives


  • The writer of Hebrews is referring to the JOURNEY of faith all Christians are in
  • Philippians 3: 12-14 – Forget what is BEHIND and press on, keep the faith, move FORWARD, don’t quit, don’t give up – run your race


  • Our DESTINATION is Christ and therefore we need to keep our eyes FOCUSED on Him and Him alone
  • The goal for the believer in Christ is not to have fire INSURANCE, it is not simply to avoid Hell; it is to become like CHRIST


  • Philippians 2: 8
  • The Bible describes for us three specific joys that Jesus was looking to when he died on the cross:
    • The first is our SALVATION
    • The second is our understanding of SPIRITUAL truth
    • The third is our OBEDIENCE to His truth
    • Jesus REJOICES when we take the truths of God’s Word seriously and APPLY them to our life

Will you EXCHANGE a life separated from God as a result of sin and through faith in Christ began a personal RELATIONSHIP with God?



Matt Wethington