Money, Money, Money

A Faith that Works

James 5: 1-6

The PURPOSE of Money

  1. God gives us the ABILITY to make money – Deuteronomy 8: 18
  2. God ENTRUSTS us with wealth so we may us it for His glory
    1. We PROVIDE for our families – 1 Timothy 5: 8
    2. Care for those in NEEDActs 2: 44-45
    3. Support the work of KINGDOM ministry – 2 Corinthians 9
  3. It is the LOVE of money that God condemns – 1 Timothy 6: 10; Luke 16: 13


  2. CONTROLLING the courts

The MISUSE of Money

  1. God owns EVERYTHING and we are stewards of His resources
  2. These individuals WORSHIPED their money and their money became IDOLS in their life

The FUTILITY of Money

  1. Riches cannot SATISFY

Monday morning application:

  1. We will be held ACCOUNTABLE and responsible for the time, talents, and treasures God entrusts to us
  2. Our STEWARDSHIP of the resources God has entrusted to us reflects our FAITHFULNESS to God and His mission
  3. We are taught in Scripture to use  possessions and wealth to accomplish GOD’S purposes not to fulfill temporal pleasures
  4. We can serve MONEY or we can serve God and use money to help accomplish His  and purpose
  5. Earth riches are TEMPORARY