Neglecting a Great Salvation

Incomparable Christ

Hebrews 2: 1-4

The POTENTIAL of Spiritual Drift – v. 1

  • Hearing the word of God involves believing, obeying, and LISTEN to what is heard.
  • God grows us SPIRITUALLY through His Word

The DANGER of Spiritual Drift – v. 2-3a

  • If we are not careful, we will NEGLECT the good news of Christ and find ourselves under the judgment of God.

The CURE for Spiritual Drift – v. 3b-4

  • Remember the Gospel is GIVEN by God
  • Remember the Gospel is ILLOGICAL to the mind of man

Our salvation is a great GIFT, purchased at a great PRICE. It brings with it great  and blessings, and it leads to a great  in glory – whatever we do we must never neglect this great salvation.