New Covenant is Superior

Incomparable Christ

Hebrews 8: 6-13

The New Covenant is An IMPROVED Covenant – v. 6-7

  • The old covenant could not completely REMOVE our sin and fully and completely RECONCILE us to God.
  • Jesus fully ACCOMPLISHED the redemption and reconciliation of man when He died on the cross and rose from the dead.

The New Covenant is An IMPORTANT Covenant – v. 8-12

  • GOD told the Hebrew people that He would establish a new covenant, a BETTER covenant.
  • JESUS will rule and reign, He will usher is PEACE and PROSPERITY for His people.

The New Covenant is An IMPLEMENTED Covenant – v. 13

  • The shed blood of Jesus on the cross serves as the BASIS of the new covenant.
  • In Christ – we have REDEMPTION
  • In Christ – all things in heaven and earth are brought TOGETHER
  • In Christ – we have a guarantee, a down payment – The Holy Spirit

Man’s greatest problem is SIN

Our sin and God’s holiness are INCOMPARABLE, yet God promised to RECONCILE sinful man to Himself through the One who would usher in the new covenant.

Through faith in Christ we find FORGIVENESS; God totally and completely forgets our sin.

Through faith in Christ our RELATIONSHIP with God is fully and completely RECONCILED– it is made right.

Through faith in Christ we are children of God destined for ETERNAL LIFE in His presence.


Matt Wethington