Simple Faith

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Incomparable Christ

Hebrews 11: 8-12

Abraham OBEYED – v. 8

  • Answering God’s call always requires a SACRIFICE of self.
  • God’s PROMISE
  • Abraham wasn’t so much concerned with the DETAILS of God’s call as much as he was in love with the  who called him.

Abraham DWELT – v. 9-10

    • Answering God’s call doesn’t mean life will be VOID of difficulty and challenges
  • His FOCUS
    • Abraham lived his life with an ETERNAL perspective

Sarah CONCEIVED – v. 11-12

  • God’s REMINDER
  • When God calls us to a task we can trust Him that He will do WHATEVER is necessary to make sure His will is FULFILLED
    • God ALWAYS fulfills His promises, in His TIME and according to His PLAN

Conclusion: SALVATION has always been through FAITH in God and in God’s revealed Word.



Matt Wethington