The Last Night of Jesus' Earthly Life- Part 1

Journey with Jesus

Mark 14: 12-42

The Passover Meal – v. 12-16

  • Foreshadows the death of Christ who is the final and complete “Passover Lamb”

The Betrayal Warning – v. 17-21

  • Religion is man centered – it is works based
  • Relationship is Christ centered – it is grace based

The Worship Experience – v. 22-26

  • The Lord’s Supper was designed to be a Celebration
  • Psalm 113-118

The Denial Promised – v. 27-31

  • Reality #1 – we will all run and abandon Christ at some point
  • Reality #2 – when we are faithless God remains Faithful

The Garden Prayer Service – v. 32-42

  • We must pray seeking to know and understand God’s will
  • We must pray desiring the Faith to walk in God’s will
  • We must stay alert and Pray if we are going to resist temptation


Matt Wethington