The Last Night of Jesus' Earthly Life - Part 2

Journey with Jesus

Mark 14: 43-72

Jesus’ Betrayal, Arrest, & Crucifixion Fulfill the SCRIPTURE – v. 43-52

Jesus was INNOCENT of Any Wrongdoing – v. 53-59

  • The JUSTICE of God demands that sin be paid for in death
  • The love, grace, and mercy of God allows the INNOCENT Messiah to pay the sin debt owed by guilty humanity

Jesus is MESSIAH – v. 60-65

Jesus is DENIED by Peter – v. 66-72

  • No PERSON is above denying the Lord
  • At some point in our JOURNEY with Christ we will be in a similar situation
  • When we fail Jesus He will be there to RESTORE us if we are broken and humbled


Matt Wethington