The Logos of God

Hebrews 4: 12-16

The Logos REVEALS God to us- v. 12

  • The logos is the person of CHRIST
  • The logos is the GOSPEL of Christ
  • The WORK of God through the logos
    • FINDS us in our sin
    • CONVICTS us of our sin
    • CHALLENGES us to die to sin and walk in righteousness

The Logos Makes Us ACCOUNTABLE to God- v. 13

The Logos is Our SYMPATHETIC High Priest- v. 14-16

  • Jesus INTERCEDES on our behalf
  • Jesus KNOWS what we are going through
  • Jesus ALLOWS us to go before the throne of God

If Christ were not our great high priest, we could not STAND before God.  We would be cast away from His presence for all eternity.


As a Christian we are not afraid of God’s judgment because His RIGHTEOUS judgment has been replaced by His RADICAL mercy in Christ.