The Problem with our Worship

Malachi 1: 6-14

DESPISING God’s name – v. 6

  • The greatest NAME for God in the Bible – Father
  • The greatest THREAT to authentic worship
  • They no longer feared God
  • God alone DESERVES our reverence and worship

DEFILING God’s Altar – v. 7-14

  • With less than their BEST in worship
    • Defiled food and blind, lame, sick, and stolen animals
  • With a bad ATTITUDE in worship
  • Do we offer God our best in worship or do we just go through the motions?
  • God DESERVES our very best in worship
    • He deserves the full attention of our MIND
    • He deserves the full DEVOTION of our heart
    • He deserves the full generosity of our RESOURCES

Desiring God’s GRACE – v. 9

  • God OFFERS us grace and mercy
  • God expects our REPENTANCE
    • A change in heart and mind that leads to a change in behavior



Matt Wethington