The Seven Signs Summarized

John 20:30-31

Turning Water Into Wine   John 2:1-12

  • Jesus is interested in EVERY area of my life
  • Jesus is for ME
  • Jesus delights in bringing EXTRAORDINARY change to my life

Healing The Royal Official’s Son   John 4:46-54

  • Jesus will meet me at my point of NEED
  • The essence of faith is in the complete TRUST of Who Jesus is and what He has promised

Healing The Sick Man   John 5:1-15

  • This man was friendless, he was powerless, he was helpless, and he was HOPELESS
  • Through FAITH in Christ I become a new creation

Feeding The Multitude   John 6:1-15

  • EVERYTHING I have belongs to God
  • When I SURRENDER all I have to God, God will leave me more SATISFIED than I would be if I hold onto His gifts

Walking On Water   John 6:16-21

  • Jesus wants me to get OUT of the boat and walk in RADICAL faith
  • Jesus is calling me to FOLLOW Him–even when it doesn’t make rational or logical sense

Healing A Man Born Blind    John 9

  • My life BEFORE Christ
  • How I came to know CHRIST
  • My life AFTER Christ

Raising Lazarus From The Dead   John 11

  • Jesus brings life to DEAD men
  • Outside of Christ I am SPIRITUALLY dead
  • Eternal life is available EXCLUSIVELY through faith in Jesus Christ