Understanding and Dealing with Temptation

Understanding and Dealing with Temptation

A Faith that Works

James 1: 13-18

The REALITY of Temptation

  • Jesus faced temptation

The SOURCE of Temptation

  • Temptation and God cannot COMINGLE
  • Temptation is the result of our DESIRES

The ANSWER to Temptation

  • The GOODNESS of God
  • The GRACE of God

Monday morning application:

  • Temptation is an everyday REALITY for all people
  • Temptation is not SYNONYMOUS with sin
  • Temptation to sin does not come from GOD
  • God always provides an ESCAPE to temptation for His children
  • Rely on the goodness and grace of God to FLEE temptation and sin and PURSUE righteousness, godliness, and holiness


Matt Wethington