Warning Against Unbelief



Incomparable Christ

Hebrews 6: 1-8

The UNBELIEVER Must Move Forward – v. 1a

  • Matthew 7: 21-23
  • If anyone is to come to Christ they must FORSAKE or abandon their current belief SYSTEM for something entirely new – the something new is the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The INCOMPLETE Covenant of the OT – v. 1b-2

  • Matthew 5: 17
  • Everything the OT speaks of and points to is COMPLETED or fulfilled in Jesus Christ
  • These verses remind us that the exercise of religious PRACTICES is insufficient apart from a RELATIONSHIP with Christ

The Danger of UNBELIEF – v. 4-8

  • John 5: 24
  • John 10: 27-29
  • Romans 6: 38-39
  • CHRISTIAN has no reason at any point to believe his/her SALVATION is or could be lost.
  • The warning for these individuals and others like them is that the lover we just ‘taste’ the Gospel without ‘DIGESTING‘ the Gospel the more likely we will fall away and return to our FORMER beliefs and former way of life.

Have I made a personal HEART decision to FOLLOW Christ?