First Time Visitor

May 4, 2012 Blog

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Visiting a new church can often be a trying experience.  You’ve got to find the church, figure out where to park, find Sunday School classes for the kids, wipe that jelly donut stain off your pants….

We are so excited that you have questions about our church.  Please take a few moments and let us answer some of those questions that you may have.  If you are planning to visit Southside Baptist for the first time, this page is targeted at you.  We hope to answer many of your questions here so you can spend your early Sunday morning preparing for worship rather than worrying about all the details.

Our Welcome Center is located in the Commons Area (located at the rear entrance with the big columns) and is staffed with people who can get you where you need to go.  We also have greeters stationed at every point of entry to help you find your way around.

Now, some answers to common questions:

What do I wear?

Wear what you are comfortable wearing without being a distraction from the worship of our Lord.  Typically, you’ll see everything from jeans to suits.

What should I bring?

A heart ready to worship and learn.  A Bible is handy, though we’ll be happy to provide one.
Where do I park?
In general if you come for Worship there is plenty of parking around the Main Sanctuary Building.  As you get to know our church there may a more convenient place to go directly to the nursery or a class.  We do have Guest Parking marked directly in front of the covered walk to the right of the main Auditorium.

When are the services?

Our Sunday Morning worship service starts at 10:30 a.m.  We have a brief period of announcements on our screens before worship to let you know about activities and events that you may be interested in.  These are showing prior to the Worship Service on the big screens as well as on the TV screens located throughout the campus.

Our Sunday Evening Worship starts at 6:00 p.m.

Do you have childcare?

We provide childcare for all services and most activities.  If you are not sure of childcare for an event, please feel free to call the office for information.

What classes are available for my Family?

Sunday School Classes by age and grade begin on Sunday Mornings at 9:15 a.m.  Sunday Evening Discipleship classes beginning at 4:45 p.m.

Wednesdays at 6pm we have Mission Friends for preschool through kindergarten, RA’s and GA’s for 1st through 5th grade, Youth Bible Study, College/Singles Bible Study. and Prayer Service.  Adult Choir and Orchestra Rehearsal follows at 7pm.

Will I be asked to give an offering?

No. Your attendance is your offering to us. However, if this is your desire, you may give during an offering time in our Sunday Worship services or through our Sunday School Bible Class time.

How do I find out more about your church?

This site provides a tremendous amount of information.  You may check out our Ministry pages and just look around.  There you will find lots of information about what our ministries are all about.  There is a Contact Us page for general questions as well.  We will try to respond as quickly as possible or direct your questions to the appropriate ministry area. You may also call our church office at 256-442-8602 with any questions you may have.

Will I be asked to fill out information?

The order of worship you receive from our greeters when you come into the auditorium contains a tear off sheet to provide us your information.  You may fill it out and place it in the offering plate as it passes.  This is very helpful in letting us know who you are and if we can assist you in any way.  You only need to fill this information out on your first visit or at least one time.  There is also a place for you to let us know of any prayer needs that you may have.