Music/College & Career October 2014

September 30, 2014 Blog

Oh, the beauties of God’s creation as we enter the autumn season! This time of year also means that the music ministry groups begin working on Christmas music! In our Celebration Choir, we are setting a goal of 70 regular singers. We will begin working on our Christmas music in the next few days, and encourage all who would like to join us to come on in! We meet at 7:00 in the Choir Suite.
Parents of youth, I want to encourage you to encourage your kids to become part of the Youth Choir. Our goal here is for 20 active singers. We also are beginning to work on Christmas music. Join us on Sunday afternoons at 4:45 in the Choir Suite.
Our Children’s Choir also meets on Sunday afternoons at 4:45 and they would love to have more singers!
As this article is being written, I am beginning the process of recovery from shoulder surgery. Thank you in advance for your prayers, food, calls, and caring.