The Audio & Visual team is responsible for just what the name implies:  the things you  HEAR and the things you SEE in our worship services.  The Audio & Visual team works behind the scenes to ensure that the services run smoothly (most of the time anyway), to enhance the worship experience (with fancy mood lighting and snazzy PowerPoint slides), and to provide recorded media of our services (like those cool messages, videos and other stuff you can see RIGHT HERE).
Areas of involvement in the Audio & Visual Ministry include sound, lighting, video, and PowerPoint, as well as set up and takedown for all things related to the Audio & Visual Ministry (that usually involves heavy lifting and other manual labor).  We even have a little (notice the emphasis on the word “little”) bit of input into this fancy website!  During our Sunday services, there are five people needed to operate all areas of the Audio & Visual Ministry effectively (it even takes five to run it ineffectively).
If you are interested in helping out with this vital part of our ministry, please contact our systems coordinator Eric Stephens.  He’s the blonde-haired (what’s left of his hair that is) guy that looks like he knows what he’s doing even though he probably doesn’t (if it’s above 60 degrees outside there’s a good chance he’s wearing flip flops too). Or you can contact Bro. Darren Hood. He’s the guy holding the microphone and waving his hand around during the singing part of the service.  Or hey, you can just pop in upstairs in the balcony at that big desk right there in the middle that has all those big, scary buttons and switches.  You don’t have to be a professional sound technician (Eric certainly isn’t one!), a lighting expert (a 10 year old has done it before!), or a trained professional videographer (some of our guys that do it probably can’t even program a VCR!).  You just need a willingness to serve and a little bit of time to learn the ropes (or at least get tangled up in the ropes)!  We won’t throw you to the wolves the 1st time you come up to help out (that happens the 2nd time).