God has given each Christian specific gift(s) to serve the body of Christ. Some of us are aware of our gifts, and some of us are still trying to figure it out. That's OK! We want to help you discover your place in the local body of believers here at SBC.

Romans 12:1-13; Ephesians 4; 1 Corinthians 12:1-26

Opportunities to Serve

Kids' Ministry

Weekly (Sundays or Wednesdays)

Check-In Assistant (Preschool or Kids’ Ministry) ensures that children get checked in properly and directed to the appropriate area. The time commitment is minimal, and a rotation is possible. Someone with a passion and gift for order, safety, and friendliness will do well in this role.

Greeter (Preschool or Kids’ Ministry) is simply a person who loves to welcome people to the kids area of the church with enthusiasm, warmth, and care! YOU are glad that THEY are at church!! They often work in tandem with the check-in assistant to direct people to the proper area. The time commitment is minimal and a rotation is possible.

Small Group Leader (Preschool or Kids’ Ministry) is a great opportunity to lead kids! Your responsibilities will include teaching kids, following up with visitors, and connecting with families. Lesson preparation and activity planning will require a couple hours of prep time each week.

Special Needs Ministry “Buddy” (Preschool or Kids’ Ministry) work with children that need special individual attention. Patience and understanding are key for this position. Most of the time required would be spent praying for the child and actual face time with child. Learning about the needs of the child and connecting with family is vital.


Nursery Care Volunteer (Preschool Area) is one of the best jobs in the church! You get to hold precious new babies and care for young toddlers, keeping them safe while their parents get to attend worship and Small Group! Obviously, a love for little ones and a knowledge of the care they need is required.

Small Group Assistant (Preschool or Kids’ Ministry) helps the leader of the Small Group each week to transition kids in location and activities, make copies of needed papers, and fill in if the Leader must be absent. Other important needs are family communication, party help, prayer, etc.

Team Leader (Preschool or Kids’ Ministry) coordinates with the Kids’ Pastor to insure ministry runs smoothly and effectively during the Small Group hour and aids in recruiting new volunteers.

Audio/Video Tech (Kids’ Ministry) someone who loves to experiment and operate DVD players, projectors, and sound equipment will thrive here. This role is a little more “behind the scenes” so child interaction is less, but you still make an impact through your service. Time commitment outside of actual service is around 30 minutes each week.

Worship/Drama Volunteers (Preschool or Kids’ Ministry) commit to a monthly team rotation for our 11:00am worship service. Musical talent is huge plus, along with the ability to perform on the child’s level of understanding and excitement. Time commitment can vary depending on specific event and preparation needed. This area is one of great diversity. A person with a passion and gift for the arts would function great in this role. All worship and drama will be Christ-centered with the goal being to present the Gospel message to help the message “stick”. Time commitment will vary depending on preparation needed.


Games Leader (Kids’ Ministry) is a role pretty much unique to Kids’ Ministry. We have game ideas that are provided with the curriculum we use so there is not a lot of time required, there will be time needed to gather items and plan the games. Time needed outside of actual game times is approximately 30-60 minutes each week. This position is typically on Wednesday nights but could also be included for events, etc. when you are able help.

Missions (Kids’ Ministry) creatively help the children engage in missions activities through teaching, games, PRAYER for missionaries, and hands-on involvement in missions projects. Even though kids can’t always go on a far-away trip, they can make a difference in their circles of friends and help prepare things for missions teams to take with them!

Student Ministry

Sunday Small Group Leader is a great opportunity to lead students! Your responsibilities will include teaching students, following up with visitors, and connecting with families. Lesson preparation and activity planning will require a couple hours of prep time each week.

Adult Ministry

Sunday Small Group Leaders facilitate adult small groups that meet at 9:30am each Sunday. You may teach from a variety of approaches and materials including video, books, discussion, etc. Preparation will vary from week to week, but a few hours of prep should be expected.

Discipleship Small Group Leaders may meet at any time of the day or week. Men’s and Women’s groups are needed outside of Sunday morning to give an opportunity for deeper relationships to form. We will assist you on materials to use, locations, etc.

Hospitality Team is our first impression team at the church! From the time people pull into the parking lot, enter the building, and drop off their kids, YOU get to be the smiling warm face that welcomes them to Southside Baptist! You could serve in this ministry every week or on a rotation.

Serve Team helps set up and clean up for events and other ministry activities when needed. This could be a great way for you to serve the church and community while still having flexibility in your schedule. There will likely be some lifting and strenuous activity.

Security Volunteers serve with a team of other church members and law enforcement, being the eyes and ears seeking to keep our congregation safe. There are a variety of options for this ministry. Some training will be required.

Ushers assist in helping people in and out of the worship service and collecting the worship service offering. This position typically rotates. No preparation time is needed, this is a great opportunity to serve the body of Christ and still attend your Small Group and Worship Service.

Local Mission Volunteers help build connections with local ministries and help with evangelistic outreach. Help with follow-up visits for guests of the church. Visit local nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. This opportunity offers a lot of potential and flexibility while making an eternal impact for the Kingdom.

Worship Ministry


Celebration Choir is made up individuals who help lead worship in all our Sunday services as well as special events held throughout the year. This is an open group for anyone who wishes to join, with no experience or talent level required. Rehearsals are on Wednesday nights at 6:15 in the Music Suite.

Praise Team/Soloists are an extension of the Celebration Choir, and are made up of those wishing to take another step forward in serving in the Worship Ministry at SBC. Participation is based off of active and faithful participation in the Celebration Choir, a minimal level of vocal competency, and an interest meeting with Pastor Corey.

Praise Band is one of the primary worship-leading instrumental groups at SBC. This group is comprised of mainly rhythm instruments (guitars, drums, and keyboards). Practices are on Wednesday Nights in the Worship Center. Participants need some level of experience with their instrument and must have an interest meeting with Pastor Corey.

Orchestra is the other primary worship-leading instrumental groups at SBC.  The Orchestra is comprised of the strings, brass, and woodwind instruments. Practices, led by Michael McGlaughn, are on Wednesday Nights in the Worship Center. Participants must have at least a high-school level proficiency on their instrument.

Tech & Media

Audio Technicians mix and run sound for services/events, both in-house and for our live stream. Prior experience is preferred, but training is also available for those interested in learning. Audio volunteers serve on a rotational basis.

Visual Technicians run slide presentations for songs, sermons, and other video elements for our services/events. Prior experience is helpful, but not required. These volunteers serve on a monthly rotation.

Light Technicians run stage and sanctuary lights for services/events. Prior experience is helpful, but not required. These volunteers serve on rotation.

Camera Operators help capture video during our services/events for our online campus. Prior experience is helpful, but not required. These volunteers serve on rotation.

Live Stream Hosts help facilitate conversation for our online campus by welcoming viewers, answering questions, and giving direction as needed. These volunteers serve on rotation.

*Remember that though prior experience is always a positive, we can teach you everything you need to know to get plugged in. All you have to have is interest and commitment to do so*

Get Plugged In!

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